Prosciutto and Burrata Wrapped Shisito Peppers

October 1, 2017

September was a total rollercoaster, especially in terms of career. I am seriously considering on moving to NYC. I just flew in for 2 days to see if there’s potential in me moving and there’s just something in the air that makes me never want to sleep and just play and work in NYC. Honestly, I believe I can hustle it out in NYC. So far, I’ve been wrapping things up on my end and making the most out of my last? moments in LA (walking to the beach early in the morning/evening to soak up the sun and sit in awe by the yachts, playing with our human pet/dog Ebo, seeing as many friends, and stuffing my face with as  many fruits/veggies as possible. While I was searching for more vegetables at Sprouts,  I  found these little devils that I missed so badly from Japan…… Shisito peppers.

I was first introduced to shisito peppers when my Swedish/Japanese partner in crime, Carl-Ray ordered it for me at an izakaya we were sippin’ beers down on at in Yurakucho after I got out of work. They look like jalapeno peppers huh? or something just as spicy. But no sir, they’re not. If I – miss spicy food wuss / weaksauce pants –  can take it, I’m sure any of you can. Roll that little green devil up with two other heavenly foods: burrata AND prosciutto (they go together like bread and butter) and hell, you have a  party in your mouth. These make up such good appetizers for a few or a large party to share. Needless to say that as  I was taking these photographs, Oliver ate them. And yes, he devoured all without leaving the rest of his family to try.


Prosciutto and Burrata wrapped Shisito Peppers


Preparation Time
10 min
Cooking Time
15 min.
Serving Size
4-6 servings

Special Equipment


Step 1.

Heat about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a wide sauté pan until it is hot,  but not smoking. Add the shisito peppers and cook them over medium, tossing and turning them frequently until they blister (about 5-10 minutes.)

Step 2.

Remove them from the heat and sprinkle them with yuzu sea salt and add a squeeze of fresh lemon.  *Use regular sea salt as a substitute

Step 3.

Peel as many wide, thin strips of the zucchini and set aside. Add a few strips of prosciutto.

Step 4.

Pierce the burrata cheese and scrape out the insides of it onto the zucchini peels.

Step 5.

Place one shisito pepper over the  zucchini peel, prosciutto, and burrata and roll them up altogether. Eat with a toothpick or use two hands o hold up from the shisito tail and head.


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