Hello there! I’m Lillian Lin, the chefitect who is obsessed with designing delightful experiences and cooking comfort food. As an architecture student at the University of Southern California, I underwent countless stressful days and sleep-deprived nights. To help me deal with the stresses of school, I began cooking comfort food and baking sweets for my fellow sleep-deprived classmates. During this phase, I began seeing the parallels between what I was learning in the classroom and what I was cooking in the kitchen. Just as architectural diagrams narrate the process of creating a building, recipes provide step-by-step instructions to create delicious meals. So I decided to approach cooking the same way I approach architectural design. Whenever I write a recipe, I also draw constructive diagrams on AutoCAD and Illustrator for how each recipe is assembled, in the way I draw constructive diagrams for a building. After living in Tokyo for over 2 years, I’ve moved back to the states in 2016 and am currently working as a UX Designer and design consultant in New York City. In my free time, I love to cook, bake, explore through cities and cafes with my camera and sketchbook, and diagram recipes and fuse my architecture and culinary  instantly sell bitcoin passions together in The Chef Charette. For interests in collaborative projects or a request to use a recipe for public purposes, please send me an email at thechefcharette@gmail.com!