Sustainable Creativity

Jul 2017

In this 1 minute video featured by Lucia Doynel of, we make a refreshing Sake Sangria as part of Tinylicious's Sustainable Creativity series, while I discuss how I use my diagrams to simplify communication.

Architect and Chef Cooks Up Recipes with AutoCAD

June 2017 - July 2017

This short film was a campaign film used to promote AutoCAD for Mac. It also unravels the birth of the Chef Charette, my process of diagramming, and dreams for my future.

On March 08, 2017 I was one of the 20 selected USC Architecture alumni who presented a pecha kucha presentation in regards to how we used our architecture skills set for other purposes. I used my architecture skills set of diagramming and software like AutoCAD and Illustrator so that my recipes could be more fun and universally understood. I initiated the Chef Charette after I struggled reading Japanese recipes and overly wordy recipes that were intimidating and complicated. My professors Andrew Atwood, Brendan Muha, and Lee Olvera heavily emphasized the importance of delicate line drawings to me, which further pushed and inspired me. I began The Chef Charette in Tokyo in fall 2015 with Stacked Ochazuke.

A pecha kucha presentation is a format created by Japanese architects (who designed the infamous Tsutaya bookstore) to keep presenters straight to the point and presentations flowing so that the audience doesn’t get bored. The format strictly requires everyone to present at 20 seconds for each slide.

From 1:36 listen to how I got busted at work by my firms Japanese director for trying to draw a baguette on Autocad while rendering...

Jun 2014 - Jul 2015

This short film unravels my first year and first project as a young, foreign interior designer and culinary artist. One week after graduating from architecture school, I moved from Los Angeles to Tokyo and began working, struggling through my first month with several cultural and professional mistakes. Being assigned to interior design a rooftop cafe in Ginza, while being immersed in a workaholic culture of isolation and depression, I recognized that food and interior design are powerful ways of overcoming these stress-related social issues. Food and interior design brightens our spirits and comforts our souls. By preparing delicious meals and designing comfortable spaces for individuals to gather, we designers can encourage people to engage in a healthy social life.

Film by Lillian Lin

Voiceovers by: Lillian Lin, Matt Watson, Rika Nakamura, Eriko Moriwaki

Music by: Lost In Translation-Intro/Tokyo, Her Space Holiday-I've Been High

Special thanks to Alfred Dicioco, Chris Ferro, Kevin Le, Matt Watson, Satsuki II, and Manuel Knieppe